Our voting rights are in peril. Your investment in the work can help us to engage and empower young residents, and those living in underrepresented and often neglected communities of color and immigrant communities.

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With your help, we will register these communities to vote, provide education about the issues that matter in their neighborhoods, and mobilize people to vote in every election – twice a year.

These are the issues that are at stake:

  • Elected officials are trying to gain access to 9 million voters’ personal data to undermine people’s faith in the election.
  • There are talks of putting a constitutional amendment requiring stricter voter I.D. requirements on the ballot in order to make voting even harder. It does not need to be made harder! It’s already hard enough.
  • A selected few elected officials are also plotting to take away the Governor’s executive power to take over as many elections as possible and get around the executive branch, circumventing the natural balance of power built into our democracy.
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